The Mission

Making M&A research a simple, pleasant, productive, and accessible experience (for anyone)

  • Locations Fort Lauderdale, Florida (HQ)
    Hyderabad, India

Mergr is a single purpose tool for diving into and researching the interconnected world of those engaged in Mergers & Acquisitions

Originally founded as a database of private equity firms, Mergr has evolved into a trusted resource that also covers corporates, advisors (legal and financial), and the M&A transactions that connect them.

Updated daily by a dedicated team of analysts to a database built 100% internally, Mergr offers an original perspective and search interface that is designed to provide M&A insights and value to professionals of all types.

Mergr's constant objective is to be a comprehensive, up to date resource on all entities engaged in M&A activity - and provide users with the tools to develop new ideas and opportunities.

Sam Nelson

Sam Nelson is the Founder and CEO of Mergr. Prior to working on Mergr, Sam worked for two, LA-based private equity firms where he was responsible for developing deal flow. Sam has a BS in Economics from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities and an MBA from Pepperdine University's Graziadio School of Business and Management.