Why Us

We here at POV Equipped are all Fire, Police & EMS and believe in brotherhood. Back in 2016 a few of us guys realized the need for easy access to emergency equipment to help keep you guys safe. The problem is a  huge percentage of the guys responding to scenes these days are volunteer which means your spending money and not making it. So for you to spend a few thousand dollars on equipment for a job that you don't get paid to do is extremely hard to justify in most of your eyes. So we put our heads together and partnered up with a few companies to provide Financing. Our first year of offering financing our products was a HUGE SUCCESS.  The relationships we built with you guys was also the best! We expanded our product line multiple times and continue to add to it. We were able to assist 363 volunteer fire, police & EMS personnel on financing to gain access to the emergency equipment they need on scene to stay safe. That's a huge number of guys out here that we were able to help and for this we are happy and grateful!!! Over the next few years we plan to continue to grow the povequipped.com brand with new product lines and new services such as connecting you with other installers. We also plan to start offering financing for departments on equipment such as fire trucks and even fire stations. We look forward to continuing our relationship with everyone and also meeting new guys from around the country.