Nova WIC-3 Oblong Remote Strobe Head

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Nova WIC-3 Oblong Remote Strobe Head

The WIC-3 is a waterproof remote strobe head that emits very high intensity strobe light bursts that easily identify your vehicle in any weather condition. Coupled with a Nova strobe power supply, the WIC-3 is the heart of a highly effective strobe warning system for any vehicle that needs to be clearly visible during bright sunlight conditions or inclement weather. Installation is a snap, either cut out the required opening or use a DOT style enclosure, available from Nova, and pop the WIC-3 in place. With the twist-lock strobe tube, bulb replacement is simple and economical and the WIC-3 lens can be used over and over! With thousands of field proven units installed and a rock solid two year warranty, the smart choice for your strobe warning system is the WIC-3 remote head with the new waterproof, re-lampable twist-lock strobe tube.

100% Waterproof design
Twist-Lock strobe tube
Popular oblong style, easy to install
Heavy duty shock absorbing grommet
AMP Mate-N-Lock or waterproof Deutsch connector
Welded enclosure available for dump body installations
High intensity strobe directional warning lamp

Brotherhood Guarantee Badge

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