Nova Strobe Preemption Dash Light
by Nova

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Nova Strobe Preemption Dash Light

High and Low Priority Preemption Emitter - The new Nova Microdash Preemption traffic signal strobe is a completely self-contained, high and low priority preemption emitter that is fully compatible with all existing preemption systems. The Microdash Preemption has a very versatile design and can be used as a dash-mount preemption signal generator or it can also be mounted inside of a lightbar. Current drain is a mere 1.35 amps and a simple two wire control scheme can be used to enable or disable the emitter using either a 12 volt source or ground. High or low priority transmission is selected via a single wire. The Microdash Preemption is built on the extremely popular Linear Microthin housing and lens design; the modular construction makes changes in the field a snap. The Microdash Preemption is also available in a Latching version. When one of the shutdown wires is activated (open vehicle door or put vehicle in park) the unit will not start flashing again until the POWER is cycled off/on. Choose the MICRODASH PREEMPTION emitter for your next preemption signal source!

High and low priority emitter in a single unit
Crystal controlled accuracy - low current drain: 1.35 amps
Active high and active low enable/disable
Single wire high/low priority selection
Flashback shield and windshield bracket included
Bail mount bracket and all hardware included
Compatible with all existing Non-Coded Preemption emitters and detectors
Length: 1.75"
Width: 6.00"
Height: 6.20"

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