Nova Linear Microthin Grille and Deck Strobe Light
by Nova

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Nova Linear Microthin Grille and Deck Strobe Light

The Nova Linear Microthin is a 100% composite, directional remote linear strobe head that brings a number of innovations and improvements to the strobe marketplace. The Linear Reflector Tube assembly and the Polycarbonate lens provide a very wide-angle light beam that provides superior warning power to the sides of the vehicle at intersections. The light output of the Linear Microthin is certified to exceed SAE standards and is an assembly consisting of 4 engineered components: 1. Linear Reflector/Flash Lamp 2. Composite housing 3. Polycarbonate lens 4. Glass-Filled Nylon Bale mounting bracket. A simple two screw design holds the lens, reflector and housing together and the lens and the reflector/tube can be easily changed in the field in a matter of minutes. The Glass-filled Nylon bale mounting bracket is rustproof and unbreakable. The bracket offers a number of holes for a variety of mounting options. The ends of the bracket are slotted to allow for precise vertical positioning of the Nova Linear Microthin and it utilizes a new connector arrangement known as the Abel Short-Proof Connector System - named after its inventor - Eugene Abel. The Abel Short-Proof TM Connector System is a two-connector arrangement that moves the high-voltage anode wire to a single-pin AMP MATE-N-LOK® connector, away from the cathode and trigger wires that are contained in a 2-pin AMP MATE-N-LOK® connector. This system provides a wiring arrangement that is virtually short proof, regardless of the amount of moisture near the connections.


Exclusive Linear Design
Compact size fits virtually all applications
Wide-angle light beam
Full power rated at 30 Watts
Simple 2 screw assembly
4" Xenon flash tube
Polycarbonate lens is field replaceable
100% high-strength composite design - Rustproof
Available in all safety colors: Amber, Blue, Clear, Green, Purple, Red
Height: 2.5" with bracket, 1.55" without bracket
Length: 6.25"
Width: 2.5"
Standard cable length: 15 feet

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