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POV Equipped has emergency sirens and siren speakers for all of your emergency vehicle siren needs. Be heard and be safe by installing one of our awesome sirens on your emergency vehicle. POV carries many different types of sirens which are all provided from the top emergency equipment manufacturers in the industry such as Feniex, Whelen, LED Equipped and more, and we have amazing low prices with financing available.
Feniex 4200 Bluetooth Module Add-on Feniex Industries' innovation now allows you to control your 4200 Control System with your Apple or Android Smartphone or device. The Bluetooth module is an in-line add-on that allows for Bluetooth control of your Feniex 4200 (supported models). The ..
Feniex Storm Pro 100W SirenThe StormPro 100w Siren packs a punch and produces 124 decibels of clear, thundering sound in 23 programmable tones. The leading siren for pursuit and response vehicles, the Storm Pro's remote activation allows universal compatibility with non-Feniex controllers. For maxim..
Feniex Storm Pro 200W SirenThe StormPro 200w Siren packs a punch produces 130 decibels of clear, thundering sound in 23 programmable tones. The leading siren for pursuit and response vehicles, the StormPro 200w is dual-tone capable with remote activation that allows for universal compatibility with ..
Feniex Typhoon Full-Function 100 Watt Siren The Typhoon Full Function system includes a 100w siren and intergrated controller. Engineered with both pursuit and response vehicles in mind, the Typhoon Full Function features 6 programmable backlit buttons, a PA/microphone, and 23 police and fire tones ..
Feniex Typhoon Handheld 100 Watt Siren Ride the wave of the Typhoon Handheld, an integrated, compact 100w siren/controller with ultra-clear sound and reliable convenience. Engineered for undercover and volunteer applications, the Typhoon Handheld features 6 programmable backlit buttons, integrated P..
The Apex® 100 Watt Siren from SpeedTech Lights is a built in emergency vehicle siren system and vehicle controller with 6 independent switches (10 amp ratings) for hooking up and powering your emergency vehicle lighting products along with being a siren control system. This siren system also co..
The Boss® 200 Watt Siren system by SpeedTech Lights is one of the more powerful emergency vehicle siren systemss on the market. With a total output of 200-watts coming from two 100-watt speakers (sold separately), this system is sure to clear traffic in any emergency situation.With dual tone fu..
The Fury™ 30-Watt Motorcycle Police Siren from SpeedTech Lights is here! This unit is an all-in-one motorcycle siren and speaker combination that allows you to choose between a variety of siren tones and air horns. With a powerful 30-watt output, this compact moto-siren packs intense power and ..
The IntelliSiren® Police Siren system is the best valued emergency vehicle siren on the market. The engineering team at SpeedTech Lights took quality, features, durability and affordability into great consideration when building this unique and highly desired intelligent siren system.With a var..
The Mega® 100 Watt Siren provides a combination of amplifier and faceplate in one. Providing a variety of siren tones putting out an intense 100 watts, this unit gives you everything you need.This unit is the perfect police siren for any emergency vehicle. With flat brackets included for mounti..
The PA™ 100 Watt Public Address System is your standard dual functionality horn control system paired with a public address microphone system built into one unit. This unit provides a clear sound frequency so that you can address the public clearly through your vehicle.SpeedTech Lights des..
The Vibe® 100 Watt Low Frequency Siren is the perfect low-frequency emergency vehicle siren and speaker application for your police vehicle, fire truck, ambulance, and more. The Vibe produces a low-frequency tone that is meant to shake the ground in order to alert other drivers of your approach..
The Vireo® 100 Watt Emergency Vehicle Police Handheld Siren System & Control Box from SpeedTech Lights is one of the most unique but desired police siren systems on the market. With a variety of features and mounting capabilities, this system can be applicable to any vehicle...
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