Nova Universal Flasher
by Nova

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Nova Universal Flasher

100% Solid-State Alternating Electronic Halogen Lamp Flasher System.

The Intelligent Alternative! Many of today's vehicles have changed to daytime running lights and GROUND SWITCHED systems. Adding standard lamp flashers to these systems is not recommended and can interfere with the correct operation of the headlight system. The Universal Flasher system adds alternating lamp flashing to a vehicle by using small halogen lamps which are inserted into the composite headlamp housing. The vehicle's wiring system is left untouched. The Universal Flasher can also be used with many other halogen and incandescent light heads. The Universal Flasher contains 7 popular flash patterns which are selected by using a single wire. The Universal Flasher remembers your selected flash pattern even when power is removed.


Contains 7 flash patterns
Handles all applications in all types of vehicles
Easy installation with wire connectors


Height: 1.60" with connector
Length: 4.00"
Width: 2.00"

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