Nova Flash-3 Headlight Flasher
by Nova

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Nova Flash-3 Headlight Flasher

The FLASH series of 100% solid state flashers are heavy-duty reliable flashers manufactured by Nova Electronics, Inc. for a variety of flashing applications. The FLASH circuitry is encapsulated and contained in a compact plastic enclosure. 


Currently there are three different flash rates to choose from:

FLASH-1: 1.9 flashes/second
FLASH-2: Triple Flash
FLASH-3: 3 flashes/second
Height: 1.60" with connectors
Length: 4.00"
Width: 2.00"
Note: For POSITIVE SWITCHED headlight systems only. Not compatible with the GROUND SWITCHED systems of many foreign and some late model domestic vehicles. Please check the vehicle wiring before attempting installation. This flasher was not designed to be used on vehicles with DAYTIME RUNNING LIGHTS. 

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