Hurst Vetter S Tec Lifting Bag 7.7 Ton - 145 PSI
by Hurst

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  • Estimated Ship Date Dec 09, 2019
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Hurst Vetter S Tec Lifting Bag 7.7 Ton - 145 PSI
S.Tec lifting bags are the next generation of high-pressure lifting bags, with 25% more performance and up to 93 US tons of lifting power. These Vetter bags master every rescue operation with ease. At 0.98 inches insertion height, they are amazingly flat and uniquely powerful. Their dynamic 10-bar lifting power makes them the most impressive lifting bag on the market.

Fit into even the narrowest gaps and openings
Stackable up to 2 bags
Reflective markings for fast and easy positioning
Useful in traffic accidents, landslides, rockfalls, collapsed buildings
Helpful in freeing trapped persons
Individually tested with dated inspection seal
Safety factor greater than 4:1
Compliant with EN 13731 (tested independently)
3-year guarantee

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