Hurst SC 757E2 Combination Tool Only
by Hurst

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  • Estimated Ship Date Nov 07, 2019
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Hurst SC 757E2 Combination Tool Only
The SC 757E2 combi tool is the single most powerful battery combination tool on the rescue market. And that’s only half the story, because it also has the largest spread and best cut rating. Simply put, it is the best battery combi tool out there... bar none. 

Perfect for police, military, and rescue/disaster management teams
Fast opening and closing action for increased speed during time-critical rescues
Detachable tips achieve better cutting efficiency and eliminate squeezing of material between spreading tips
Cutting blade surface is taken to the end of the blade, allowing for a more aggressive blade geometry
“Shark Tooth” removable tips offer multifunctional design, with four rows of shark-like teeth for maximum performance and gripping
Ergonomically designed star-grip permits tool actuation from almost any gripping position
If needed, you can plug it in for limitless power with a 110v adaptor

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