Hurst EXL Rescue Battery
by Hurst

  • SKU: PRO2057
  • $775.20

  • Estimated Ship Date Oct 07, 2019
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Hurst EXL Rescue Battery
The EXL Rescue Battery delivers 5 Ah capacity- more power for more rescues. This means that the eDRAULIC tool charged with the EXL delivers day-saving power for an entire one-hour rescue operation. Plus, the batteries easily change out in seconds and can be used with all eDRAULIC tools, including those from the first eDRAULIC generation.

Each eDRAULIC tool comes with 2 “EXL” eDRAULIC Batteries and a charger
5 Ah capacity delivers twice as much operating time as our previous battery
Illuminated battery compartment for night work
Tool housing protects the battery against moisture and dirt: protection class IP54
Full battery performance down to -20°C
Charge level visible during use
Less self-discharge means the battery will still be at full power after 6 months

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