Financing Available

We Offer Financing For Both Your Personal & Department Needs

As you already know working in the public sector can be one of the most underpaid, underfunded areas on the market. Not only that but manufacturers have lifted prices so high knowing we have no choice but to pay these crazy prices for gear and equipment. After all its what keeps us safe on the job everyday. However this safety does come with a price. In some cases a HUGE price. Thats why we here at POV Equipped have partnered with a group of great people to bring the best of financing to you and your department. Rather its $1.00 or $100,000 we have you covered!


So Whats The Process Like?

Well that depends on a few factors. If you are a department then we will need to get copies of things such as your articles of incorporation, and previous banking statements. This helps us verify you are indeed a organization/non profit. Once we receive the documentations then we will put together a proposal for your department. Most departments have a board of directors that require the proposal to be voted on and approved. Once the proposal is accepted then our partner will process everything. Then once the agreement is signed then the funds will be sent to the vendor directly. To get your department started on financing give us a call at 1-888-203-0040 . You can also simply email it to


What If I'm A Consumer? Can I Still Be Financed? 

OF COURSE! You are our brothers and we will do everything in our power to help you get the lighting and other equipment you need to stay safe! To apply for financing simply sign up for a account by CLICKING HERE and then come back to this page and click the apply  button above. From there enter in your information and in most cases you will be approved or declined within 30 seconds. Also you will receive a notification via SMS and Email once you have been approved or declined. 

Thanks For Your Interest In Our Financing!!!