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Exterior Mini Lightbars

LED Mini Lightbars are small yet very powerful. POV has several different styles of led mini lightbars available in customizable colors and flash patterns provided to us by top manfacturers like Feniex industries, Whelen, LED Equipped and others. For more than 10 years POV has been supplying our customers with great products and amazing customer service at low prices with financing available for any purchase.
Feniex Fusion Mini-X Dual Color Lightbar  The Fusion® Mini light bar is undeniably the most versatile and highest lumen performing light bar in the industry. 360° unobstructed lighting Interchangeable 180° or 40° light spread optics per module Available in single color or dual color Floo..
Feniex Fusion Mini-X Single Color Lightbar The Feniex Fusion Mini is the industry's brightest compact lightbar. Easy to use and install, the Fusion Mini offers 360° lighting in a unique low-profile suitable for any emergency response vehicle. Like all Fusion products, customize the Mini with our pa..
The K-Force® 27 Linear Mini LED Light Bar from SpeedTech Lights packs 84 powerful 3-watt LEDs with Eclipse® MaxGen® technology into its non-invasive magnet mount design. With 360 degree vehicle warning light output and group magnified linear optics, this 27 mini bar is the p..
The K-Force® Micro 14 Linear LED Mini Light Bar from SpeedTech Lights is a compact magnetic warning light solution designed to make the addition of 360 degree warning lights affordable on any budget. Filled with a total of 36 MaxGen® 3-watt LEDs magnified through our patented linear optic ..
A new product to coincide with the launch of our redesigned K-Force® series, the K-Force® Micro 21 Linear Mini Light Bar bridges the gap between 14” and 50” in our Micro family. Built with the same compact, low profile, magnet mount design, the 21 Micro adds four modules and..
Looking for an affordable way to add 360-degree warning lights to your construction fleet, emergency vehicle, or POV?  The K-Force® Micro 14 TIR Mini LED Light Bar is the product for you. With a compact footprint, non-invasive magnet mount, and plug and play cigarette plug control switch (..
The newest member of the SpeedTech Lights family, the K-Force® Micro 21 TIR Mini Light Bar adds four modules (each with 4 MaxGen 3-Watt LEDs) and 7 inches in length to our wildly popular Micro 14” bar. Like the smaller model, the 21 comes equipped with magnet mount feet, non ..
The perfect blend of affordability, strength, and performance, it’s easy to see why the K-Force® 18 TIR Mini LED Light Bar is one of SpeedTech Lights’ most popular products. Redesigned with 3-watt MaxGen® LEDs and a polycarbonate, anodized aluminum hybrid housing, the new K-Force®&nbs..
The K-Force® 27 TIR Mini LED Light Bar checks all the boxes when looking to satisfy your emergency vehicle lighting needs: SAE J845 Certified, the latest 3-watt MaxGen® LED technology, full 360 degree visibility, non-invasive magnet mounts, independent alley light control, and rugged ..
With 60 MaxGen® Linear 3-watt LEDs powered through a magnified optic lens for enhanced light spread, there is no mini bar on the market that can compare to the K-Force® 18 Linear Mini LED Light Bar. Don’t be fooled by this LED light bar’s simple magnetic mount, cigarette plug, and 18"..
The Octo® Mini LED Beacon from SpeedTech Lights is one of our most popular mini beacons we carry. With 24 MaxGen® intense 3-watt LEDs totaling 72-watts of output, it's hard to find a brighter beacon light on the market.The Eclipse® Technology TIR optics built in this unit which cover ..
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