Combat Full Controller
by LEDequipped

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Combat Full Controller
The perfect choice for advanced emergency warning light systems, the Combat 18 Switch Box by LedEquipped embodies 18 rocker switches into one convenient controller. With a 5 amp capacity per switch, this switch box makes controlling independent groupings of grille lights, worklights, LED light bars, traffic advising light bars, or strobe lights a breeze. Complete with backlit LED buttons and keypad label to simplify installation, this 18 Panel Switch Box is perfect for all users.

HIGH QUALITY 18 SWITCH CONTROLLER – Compact design, high quality build and durability
BACKLIT LED INDICATOR – Switch lights up when powered on
5 AMPS PER SWITCH – Control all your lights from this switch box
EASY INSTALLATION – Easily connect your lights to the switch box
1 Momentary button
2 buttons for modes
Size: 9in L x 3in H x 1in H

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