Aviator Fusion Frontier 3 watt Emergency LED Light Bar 63 in Tow Truck light bar STOP & TURN FUNCTIO
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Aviator Fusion Frontier 3 watt Emergency LED Light Bar 63 in Tow Truck light bar STOP & TURN FUNCTION

Welcome to the high performance Aviator Fusion Frontier 3W Emergency LED Light Bar light bar designed with an outstanding and most up to date microprocessor circuit that facilitates low power consumption. Using the state-of-the-art Gen III LED technology it illuminates an powerful ray of light, which can be seen in any direction even in clear daylight. . The Aviator gives you the ability to choose from 15 warning light patterns, additionally you can choose from 4 traffic advisory patterns with just the touch of a button. The light bar is very easy to install and comes with mounting hardware for roof mount (For bar 37in and above mounting brackets are provided and for 27 and smaller magnet mounting is provided). There is no need to drill unnecessary holes into your vehicle to install this Light Bar. The Aviator can also be hardwired to your existing switch box. Fully encapsulated and fully waterproof, all LED modules and flasher boards are epoxy coated, keeping it harmless from all weather conditions. There are 92 Three watt LED’s which are long life and totally maintenance free. All models of Aviator have a modular lens design that is extremely waterproof. The exterior frame is made of Double-layer aluminum. This kit includes a mounting kit and a 10 foot power cable. Electrical Specification: 12 Volt / 6.50 amps at peak. The dimensions are length 63 inches x width 12 inches x height 4 inches (including mounting).All magnet mount items should not be used at a speed of over 65 mph or on vehicles with an aluminum body.

  • 2 Rear Brake/Turn lights on rear of lightbar
  • Full mount/ Hard Wired/ Controller included
  • Generation 4 THREE watt Fusion LED technology
  • 15 Selectable Flash Patterns
  • Voltage: 12VDC
  • Self contained internal flasher
  • Low profile aluminum housing
  • Fully Weatherproof
  • 6 LEDs in every module.
  • Size? 63in L x 12in W x 3in H
  • 3 year manufacturers defect warranty
  • Dual color Alleys and Takedowns
  • Ability to control front and rear separately
  • 3 year manufacturer defect warranty

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