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Controllers and Switches

Every vehicle lighting and siren system needs a controller or switches to operate the system from inside the vehicle. Quality is a must as well as dependability and ease of use and uncomplicated programming for the system. POV provides the best controllers and switches available in the lights and siren industry manufactured by top companies like Feniex and LED Equipped to ensure that your system is easy to program and always dependable every time you push the buttons to activate your lighting and siren system. Satisfying thousands of customers for over 10 years with our low prices, highly rated customer service and financing options available for every order POV Equipped is here for you as a one stop shop for all of your lighting and siren system needs.
Feniex 4200 Bluetooth Module Add-on Feniex Industries' innovation now allows you to control your 4200 Control System with your Apple or Android Smartphone or device. The Bluetooth module is an in-line add-on that allows for Bluetooth control of your Feniex 4200 (supported models). The ..
Feniex 4200 Data Link Siren Controller Feniex 4200 Data Link Siren Controller
Feniex 4200 Data Link Siren Controller The most powerful controller in the warning industry. Ideal for any emergency vehicle, the 4200 is universally compatible and fully programmable. Control your vehicle's entire lighting and siren system and use one of the three Datalink ports to easily connect t..
Feniex 4200 Mini ControllerThe 4200 Mini Controller is the new standard for any vehicle. With 6 programmable buttons and an aluminum, waterproof case, this ultra-compact controller can be mounted practically anywhere and will withstand demanding environments.FeaturesAll-in-one controller with integr..
Feniex Module Programmer Built by popular demand, the new Feniex Module Programmer allows for quick installation and programming of Feniex lights. Whether configuring individual vehicles or entire fleets, the Module Programmer saves time and allows installers to easily set master/slave and select fl..
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