Feniex Cannon Hideaway (X4) Bundle Single or Dual Color with 360° Optics Kit(X4)
by Feniex

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Feniex Cannon Hideaway (X4) Bundle Single or Dual Color with 360° Optics Kit(X4)

Feniex Cannon Single or Dual Color LED Hideaway 
The Cannon is the brightest, most versatile hide-a-way in the emergency market...and a Feniex best-seller. 12 individual LEDS are housed within this compact, weatherproof design. The Cannon features 3 modes and is offered in single and dual color options. Syncs with additional Cannons, Fusion 1X & 2X, Fusion Mirror Mount, Fusion Spoiler Mount, Fusion 200, T3 and Wide-Lux.

5 year warranty
SAE J1113 approved
Product ships as a 120°; 360° optic sold separately
Surface mount bezel sold separately
Single or dual-color configurations available
30 flash patterns single color; 60 dual color
Quick-disconnect feature allows for easy installation
Includes slim inline driver and 6 feet of cable
Aluminum base with advanced thermal management
Free of radio frequency or electromagnetic interference
Made in the USA

Input Voltage: 12 Volts DC
12 High Power 4-Watt Cree LEDs
Current Draw: 1 Amp
Cable Harness: 6 Feet

Feniex Cannon 360° Optics Lens Kit
Available in both 120 and 360 degree optics this Feniex Cannon Bundle includes x4 of the 360° optic kits to allow your Cannon Hide-Away lights to have a wider light spread which makes it easier for you to be noticed by other drivers when you are responding to emergencies.

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