Feniex 9x7 Wide Lux Surface Mounts (X4) Bundle
by Feniex

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Feniex 9x7 Wide Lux Surface Mounts (X4) Bundle
Choose the Wide-LUX™ Series for the industry's boldest, most intense perimeter lighting in an ultra-compact, slim design. Ideal for fire and EMS vehicles. Our Wide-LUX™ technology features "hourglass" optics, emitting powerful visibility from 180 degree viewing angles. Extremely functional and customizable, the Wide-LUX™ can be used as a brake-tail-turn, reverse, scene light or warning light.

5 year warranty
Available in red, blue, amber, or white with a clear lens
36 high-powered CREE 4-watt LEDs
34 Flash Patterns
Capabilities - Stop/Tail/Turn, Dim Mode
Syncs with all Feniex Fusion Series light heads, T3s and Cannons
Meets or exceeds NFPA and KKK ambulance specifications
Made in the USA

Cable Harness: 10 Inches
Input Voltage: 12 Volts DC
36 High-Power 4 Watt Cree LEDs
Current Draw 1.5 Amps
Made in the USA

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