Acari Drill-Free Rooftop Mount
by Strobes N More

  • SKU: PRO2006
  • $349.99

  • Estimated Ship Date Oct 28, 2019
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Acari Drill-Free Rooftop Mount
The Acari Roof Top Mounting (RTM) Platform allows various devices to be installed on a vehicle that would otherwise be attached directly through the top of the truck cab. Acari's design reaches inside the cab roof through the Center High Brake Light opening and clamps tight to form a rigid, rugged platform without drilling holes or marring the vehicle finish. The Acari RTM gasket system forms a perimeter seal allowing all wiring to run into the vehicle in an enclosed environment. The platform is available in 22", 28", and 34" lengths. The original platform and the low-profile version have different appearances, please carefully review the pictures.

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