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Strobe beacons or beacon lights are a popular way of caution lighting for work vehicles such as highway maintenance vehicle lighting, forklift lighting, security vehicle lighting and other vehicles, also beacons are a favorite for some fire truck lighting and many other applications. POV carries a wide variety of quality beacons provided to us by top worldwide manufactures like Feniex, Sound Off, Whelen, LED Equipped and others. POV Equipped has several beacon lights to choose from in different sizes, styles, and colors to choose from all at low prices with the option of financing available on all orders.
Feniex AM 600 BeaconSend the signal with the Feniex AM600 Beacon, an easy-to-use, reliable safety light for any public works or commercial vehicle. Combining quality and affordability, the AM600 is a single-color SAE Class 1 LED beacon with multiple mounting options and 20 flash patterns.Features5 y..
SpeedTech Lights Octo Mini LED Beacon (With Magnets) SpeedTech Lights Octo Mini LED Beacon (With Magnets)
The Octo® Mini LED Beacon from SpeedTech Lights is one of our most popular mini beacons we carry. With 24 MaxGen® intense 3-watt LEDs totaling 72-watts of output, it's hard to find a brighter beacon light on the market.The Eclipse® Technology TIR optics built in this unit which cover ..
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